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Imam MP to back Muslims

March 5, 2008


By Jibril Adan

ODM nominated MP and Muslim preacher, Sheikh Mohamed Dor, will become the first Imam in Kenya’s Parliament.

Dor and Ms Safia Abdi were selected by the National Muslim Leaders Forum (Namlef) for the ODM nominations and would be sworn-in on Thursday.

Dor told The Standard yesterday in Mombasa that he would continue his work as an Imam at Mombasa’s Mbaruk Mosque. "Every Friday I will be in Mombasa to give my sermon," he said.

Dor, also the chairman of Council of Imams and Preachers in Kenya, said he would use his position to help bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians.

He said the land question was among issues that should be tackled urgently.

"There is land enough for every Kenyan, but the problem is corrupt leadership," he said.

Dor said in Parliament, he would focus on issues that affect Muslims nationally.

"If Muslims in Kisumu have a problem that affects them because of their faith, it will be my problem," he said.

Meanwhile, Ms Shakila Abdalla, nominated by ODM-Kenya, said her priority would be to champion the role of women in national leadership.

She said her party had followed its manifesto, which considers the marginalised.

"My first priority will be to fight for women to be in the first line of decision making at the national level," she said yesterday.

Abdalla said she would work with other Coast MPs to tackle problems in the region.

She also promised to fight drug abuse among the youth.