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Arrest violence inciters, say MPs

(Ed. Note: Mwangi Kiunjuri first should explain the violence and intimidations in his constituency even prior to the election and also explain the delay of the ballots from Laikipia East)

Published on March 12, 2008


By Joseph Murimi

Eleven PNU MPs have threatened to call mass action if the Government does not arrest suspected perpetrators of post-election violence.

The MPs from Central Rift Valley, who met at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday, also warned that they would mobilise colleagues to shoot down Government Bills until the land problem in the province was resolved.

In a statement read by Laikipia East MP, Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri, the legislators questioned why the police were quick to summon Naivasha MP, Mr John Mututho, and Nyahururu Mayor, Mr Murutu Karumba, yet no leader from regions where the violence started had been arrested.

They criticised the police for what they called selective application of justice.

Mututho denied involvement in the skirmishes, saying he had helped separate warring communities in Naivasha.

He accused the Commissioner of Police, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, of incompetence, and called for his resignation.

The MP said instead of arresting the sponsors of violence, police were harassing the "small fish".

Kiunjuri said people were still being killed and houses burnt, yet police appeared helpless. He said leaders who funded the violence were now lining up for Cabinet positions.

The MPs claimed that they had names of people behind the clashes, which they said they would release when they call mass action.

Early in the week, Mututho appeared at the Nairobi Chief Magistrate’s Court, but was not charged because his file was not ready.

The MPs said more than 1.4 million Central Rift residents were ready to sacrifice whatever they had for the sake of peace.

"We should not be treated as foreigners in Rift Valley. We are putting the Government on notice to address the land question,’’ said Kiunjuri.

They said land, not politics, was to blame for recurrent chaos in Rift Valley. Kiunjuri wondered whether President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, knew the plight of displaced people, who were yet to return to their homes even after the signing of the power deal.

He told the leaders that shaking hands and sharing a cup of tea had not brought peace overnight.

Kiunjuri said the MPs would gang against the Government to push for a solution to the land problem.

"We shall support the Bill on the prime minister, but no other amendments will pass until the land question is addressed," he said.