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MPs accuse police of unfairness

(Ed. Note: Mwangi Kiunjuri himself needs to explain violent actions in Laikipia East and should come clean first on the late delivery of ballots from his constituency - it is presumed that he just wants to play a double-game here).

KBC (Government Channel)

Tue, Mar 11, 2008

A group of MPs allied to the government are accusing the police force of selective justice in dealing with perpetrators of post election violence.

The MPs have now vowed to resort to mass action if the law is not applied fairly.

The MPs led by Mwangi Kiunjuri are upset over the recent arrest of Naivasha legislator John Mututho by the police over allegations that he was involved in the chaos that rocked Naivasha town

They accused the police commissioner of applying the law selectively saying the real perpetrators of the post election violence were known and are walking free.

The Naivasha legislator distanced himself from the allegations saying he was being sacrificed for political reasons

The mps have now put fresh demands in parliament.

They say once the National accord and reconciliation bill is passed, they will embark on a thorough debate to resolve the genesis of recent violence which they said was fuelled by the land issue.

They said if their quest is not fulfilled they will resort to mass action.

The MPs also defended the head of civil service Ambassador Francis Muthaura's statement on the government's structure in the grand coalition.

The legislators said Muthaura just gave the guidelines as they are in the constitution. They said it was upon the principals to agree on how to share power.

On Monday Muthaura moved to clarify the confusion surrounding the creation of a prime minister's post, saying his functions will be the co-ordination and supervision of government functions under the authority of the President.

Meanwhile Members of Parliament from across the political divide are calling on their colleagues to drop the debate about sharing of cabinet positions and instead address the issues at hand such as the effects of post election violence.

Speaking to KBC before the resumption of the second session of the 10th parliament Tuesday the legislators led by Olkalou MP Erastus Mureithi said debate on resettling of Kenyans displaced by the post election violence should be given priority in the house.

They expressed concern over a looming food shortage since most of the displaced are farmers whose farms were destroyed during the skirmishes.