News 2008


Vet Displaced Persons First, NGOs Ask State

The Nation (Nairobi)

11 March 2008

Michael Njuguna


Leaders of some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) want the Government to vet internally displaced persons to establish the bona fide ones before embarking on the proposed resettlement programme.

The coordinator of the Internally Displaced Persons Network, Mr Kepha Magenyi, claimed in Nakuru Town that the Government also ought to vet NGOs seeking to participate in the resettlement programme as some were merely interested in dipping their hands in the kitty.

He said that giving the victims seeds and tents to return back to their farms where their houses were burnt and hundreds of people killed would not succeed as no healing had taken place.

Not prudent

"Many civil societies want to go it alone instead of working with others and the Government. The reason is obvious, they are only interested in getting a share of the money coming from the US, the UNDP, UNHCR, the Government of Kenya and other donors," Mr Magenyi claimed.

He said it was not prudent for the Government to release money, seeds and other resources towards the resettlement project until a proper audit was carried out to establish the bona fide victims and categorise them accordingly.

Mr Magenyi claimed that people who actually participated in violently evicting others from various farms were now submitting their names for consideration for 'resettlement'.