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Tension grips farms following killings

Daily Nation


01. March 2008

Tension remained high at two farms in the Mau Summit area of the clash-torn Molo District after three people were killed, nine injured and more than 30 houses torched by raiders.

On Friday, residents discussed the Wednesday night incident in groups at Haraka and African farms.

They could not continue with their various activities due to fear and uncertainty.

A few residents, mostly women and children, fled the area for safety in Molo and Nakuru towns.

The residents said the raiders struck at about 10pm and started torching houses and attacking people.

Mr Irari Mugo said the raiders continued their orgy of torching houses, hacking people and shooting them with arrows for close to four hours.

He said four people were rushed to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru and admitted with cuts and arrow wounds.

He said five youths were admitted to the Molo District Hospital with similar injuries.

Youths from the two farms, Mr Mugo said, engaged the raiders for more than four hours, with some of them sustaining injuries.

Mr Mugo said police took quite a while to respond to the residentsí distress call and that by the time they arrived, more than 30 houses had been razed.

Two ODM members of Parliament have asked the Government to urgently disarm youths in Transmara District said to be in possession of illegal firearms to end ethnic animosity in the region.