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Official: PM to work under President

March 11, 2008


President Kibaki will remain the Head of State and Government in the new power-sharing arrangement, the Government said.

Head of Civil Service, Mr Francis Muthaura, on Monday clarified that the President would appoint the Vice-President, Prime Minister and his deputies, and the Cabinet subject to the terms of the February 28 accord between him and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

He said the officers would be responsible to the President.

"The President will continue to chair the Cabinet," he said.

Speaking at a news conference at KICC, Muthaura said the VP would be the principal assistant to the President, and the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

According to the statement on "clarification on structure of government", the Prime Minister would "coordinate and supervise Government functions under the authority of the President". The Prime Minister and his two deputies would also have ministerial portfolios.

He explained that the PM would coordinate programmes approved by the Cabinet.

But the PM comes third in the protocol pecking order. "The VP, in terms of protocol, ranks higher than the PM by virtue of being the principal assistant of the President," he said.

Muthaura, who is also the Secretary to the Cabinet, however, said the PM would wield immense powers.

"The Prime Minister will be important in ensuring the efficient running of Government. That is not a small matter," he said

He said the peace agreement did not envisage the PM as the head of Government, nor did it include the sharing of jobs in the public service as reported by the media.