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21 die in dispute over border line


10. March 2008

CLASHES over a border dispute have left 21 people dead in the past two months in north-western Kenya, officials say.

The incidents exemplify one of the key causes of ethnic violence that paralysed the East African nation for nearly two months following disputed elections.

Local legislator Josephat Nanok said late on Saturday that warriors from the Turkana and Pokot communities were assembling in the bush. On Thursday, Pokot warriors killed two Turkana men.

“Both groups are charged and anything terrible could happen unless immediate intervention is sought,” warned Nanok.

Last month, Pokot warriors shot dead four Turkana schoolchildren and wounded five others near the disputed border, said a local tribal chief, Gladys Esinyen.

The Pokot and Turkana’s claims as to where the border should be differ by 70 kilometres.