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How to end the Mt Elgon crisis

(N.B.: Ed. Note: The claim that a "Moorland Force" for what the author here calls in derogatory terms the "Ndorobo" exists could not be confirmed on the ground, but it is said to be a propaganda trick by the SLDF, which reached mainstream media through a Daily Nation scribe, Mr. Bernhard Kwahia, himself a Sabaot.)

Letters - Daily Nation

ROBERT K. KILIMO, Embobut, Marakwet.

10. March 2008

The land clashes in Mt Elgon District continue to hurt weak, innocent children and women.

The quickest and the most sustainable way to end this problem is to bring the warring clans and factions to a round table talk to arrive at an amicable solution.

This initiative should be quickly spearheaded by the new government.

The Soy clan’s Sabaot Land Defence Force and the Ndorobo clan’s Moorland Forces, and the Janjaweed that brings together the other clans, should be asked to lay down their weapons immediately in amnesty and their leaders invited to the talks at Kitale.

Meanwhile, the police should maintain security and stop harassing innocent people.