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Chief Kadhi issues warning to Muslims

Daily Nation


10. March 2008

Muslims have been warned against using Mosques to make inflammatory announcements based on rumours.

Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hamad Kassim at the weekend told clerics to be responsible concerning information passed to the public because, if inaccurate, it could cause unnecessary panic and lead to violence.

“Before making any announcements, religious leaders must first establish the truth,” he said.

Sheikh Kassim was referring to reports that some Imams had used loudspeakers mounted on mosques in parts of Mombasa during the recent political violence to urge area residents to arm themselves to fight members of the proscribed Mungiki sect who were allegedly planning an attack.

Unnecessary panic

The information, which turned out to be untrue, caused unnecessary panic among residents.

He was addressing participants at a Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya workshop at the Reef Hotel.

The workshop was aimed at finding ways to build peace and address conflict resolution and gender-based violence.

Sheikh Kassim observed that religious leaders had a role to play to ensure that peace is maintained in the country.

Nominated ODM MP and council secretary-general Sheikh Mohamed Dor said the organisation would visit various parts of the country affected by post-election violence.