News 2008


Kibaki told to dissolve Cabinet

March 10, 2008


By Peter Atsiaya and Patrick Beja

ODM Pentagon member Mrs Charity Ngilu and Hamisi MP Mr George Khaniri have asked President Kibaki to dissolve the Cabinet.

Ngilu and Khaniri said the move would pave way for reconstituting of the Cabinet in accordance with the guidelines in the new power-sharing deal. The leaders said sharing of Cabinet portfolios should be decided by Kibaki and Prime Minister- designate Mr Raila Odinga. They said Kibakiís henchmen should be locked out of the exercise because they would end up serving their interests.

"The ministers have no business being in office after Kibaki and Raila signed a power-sharing deal," Khaniri said. He added that ODM and PNU should be equal partners before a new government is set up.

"We cannot be equal partners when our colleagues are occupying Cabinet positions. They should relinquish them so that we start on the same footage," said the MP.

Ngilu told Kibaki to be committed to the deal and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the structure.

Said she: "Guidelines on the balancing of the portfolio should be followed by Kibaki. Let him not shortchange his ODM partners."

But Ngilu was optimistic that the President would not shortchange Raila and would ensure a balance in allocation of positions in the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Imams at the Coast want MPs to concentrate on enacting Bills that would legalise the power-sharing deal between ODM and PNU instead of scrambling for the positions of Deputy Prime Ministers.

Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) South Coast chairman, Sheikh Khamis Banda, said Kenyans wanted the Bills to be enacted and entrenched in the Constitution so that the grand coalition Government could start work.

Banda said the emerging struggle for positions diverted the attention on the pending key Bills. He said Kanu National chairman, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, was under PNU and should not scramble for the deputy premiership slot under Kanu banner.

He added: "Honourable Uhuru and Vice President Mr Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-Kenya leader) are in the PNU Government and should bargain from their side since their parties were not part of the deal," Banda said.