News 2008


BBC story baseless: says Mutua

KBC (Governmental Broadcaster)

Written By: claire wanja

Fri, Mar 07, 2008

The government spokesperson Dr. Alfred Mutua has expressed the government's shock at a story appearing on the BBC that alleges that members of the proscribed group Mungiki held meetings at Statehouse, Nairobi.

" This story is preposterous, baseless and at best defamatory. No such meetings took place at Statehouse or any Government Office. It is injurious to the President, Government and the People of Kenya for BBC to run such unfounded lies.

"What credible sources do the BBC have and what is the motivation of the BBC in running untruths and manufacturing such allegations? Why didn't the BBC seek comment from the Government of Kenya before airing the story?" posed Mutua.

He said the government would write to demand an apology, a retraction and an inquiry into the motive of the producers of the story.

Mutua says the government takes great exception to the story, which is coming days after the signing of a peace agreement, and can only conclude that the producers of the story are trying to dent the hopes of Kenyans and incite Kenyans into violence.

" Kenyans should not believe the dangerous lies on the BBC story and should nurture the peace we enjoy with the knowledge that not everyone is happy that we are a stable country and that an African solution to the Kenyan crisis has been found." He added.

Mutua added that Mungiki sect is a criminal organization that has been banned by President Mwai Kibaki's Government.

" Last year, the Government embarked on a special operation to wipe out the banned group and arrested its key leaders. The Government of Kenya has never worked or engaged banned criminal organizations for any work." He added.