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Crime wave worries lobby

Daily Nation


07. March 2008

More than 200 businessmen have protested over the escalating insecurity in Malindi and urged the police to act speedily to stem it.

The local branch of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry fears that the insecurity will affect tourism, the lifeline of area.

The chamber’s local first vice-chairman, Mr Andrew Mataza, told reporters in Malindi yesterday that the Tuesday attack on eight tourists soon after arriving in the town and other recent incidents were bound to paint a bad picture of the tourist destination.

In the last two months, Malindi has experienced more than seven armed robberies, resulting in the death of two foreigners.

Inside jobs

Some of the recent notable crimes in the area include the rape and murder of 65-year-old Kadzo Fondo on January 10, the shooting of Italian tour operator Andrea Baci on December 25 and the murder of a 65-year old Briton, Graham Warren, on January 19.

When reached for comment, area head of police Gregory Waikwa said, “These are inside jobs.”

The District Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO), Mr John Kariuki, said the robberies were isolated cases.

“It can not be said that insecurity is escalating because the incidents are isolated cases.”

He concurred with Mr Waikwa that the incidents were inside jobs.

“Why is it that the victims are new arrivals all the time?” asked Mr Kariuki.