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Disaster looms in camps

February 2, 2008


By Saturday Standard Team

About 10,000 people displaced from various parts of the country face severe shortage of food, drugs and other basic necessities.

At Kirathimo camp in Limuru, there is a shortage of aid workers, leading to confusion and disorder.

A church leader, Mr Archbishop Boniface Karechio, says the victims need help urgently.

"There are about 400 children who have stayed here for over one month. They are not schooling, and something should be done," he said.

He added: "It is ironic that majority of the victims were here in 1992 after clashes erupted. This has become like a second home for them whenever there are political upheavals."

The displaced are from Mau Forest, Kakamega, Cherangany, Molo, Njoro, Kapsabet and Kericho.

There are also reports that some relief supplies donated by agencies and well-wishers have been misappropriated by impostors.

In Naivasha, more than 8,000 displaced persons living in two camps face health risks.

There was fear of an outbreak of diseases as some victims went for a fifth day without water.

At the Naivasha prison, where more than 5,000 victims are camping, there are no washrooms or clean water.

One displaced person, Mr James Otumba, says the situation is worsening as more victims are ferried in.

"We are living in a worse state than wild animals. Privacy is a foreign term," says Otumba.

Meanwhile, 3,500 people displaced in Narok have asked the Government to resettle them in their ancestral homes.

They vowed not to go back to their homes for fear of attacks by marauding gangs.