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Kenya death toll up to 1000 despite agreement

February 02, 2008


The death toll in Kenya has now passed the 1000 mark as smoke continues to gather over the Rift Valley and youths continue to torch homes.

This is despite an agreement by the warring parties to end the violence within seven to 15 days.

And hopes for a peaceful settlement are on a knife's edge.

The opposition is now accusing President Mwai Kibaki of participating in bad faith.

This week he told the African Union heads of states that Kenya's problems could be solved by the courts.

Kofi Annan delivered a glimmer of hope.

He got the warring parties to agree on a four point framework for mediation.

The three-person teams agreed to the disarmament of militia, and for leaders to stop making provocative statements.

They have also promised to deal with the imploding humanitarian crisis.

However the good intentions lasted only hours as at least 44 people died in fresh waves of violence.

Some were shot dead by police using live ammunition - others were hacked to death.

Several areas remain no-go zones as a dark cloud now hangs over the talks.

Annan and the negotiators will face new hurdles when talks resume on Monday.