News 2008



by Dalla Isaac Matlock

January 29, 2008

In the scripture it is told how Kings made judgment decisions while in leadership and even how some were anointed into leadership and not acknowledged. Even here in the USA after our last Presidential race a recall of votes was asked for, because of question mark they had, many whom thought the polls had been intercepted.

The word {Genocide} in the American Dictionary says: the intentional killing of all of the people of a nation, religion, or racial group. I also read that the people feel that the UN are gangsters calling them an organized group similar to Mafia.

All around the world there is a law that enforces killings, the wise King made the judgment to whom the Mother of the child were, he based it on the one who wanted the baby life to be spared.

These two candidates that want the leadership for Kenya are placed there to make sure the rights of the people & to protect the homeland. Both of them should be held accountable if there are any more death in Kenya.