Cui Bono ? or The Policy of Segregation


On which side of the fence are YOU ?



Cui Bono ? or The Policy of Segregation



- a radio broadcast as community theatre in one act -

Author: John Bamau (copyright/copyleft 2003)

around 40 other actors for the different characters
2 people (wise wo/man and bright child) for the epilog
a school chorus
local cheerladies

One huge piece of meshwire fence with lots of barbed wires,
which forms the back of the stage,
One microphone for announcer (backstage)
One microphone for reporter (on stage)
Amplifier & loudspeakers
Tape recorder, if certain sounds or voices shall be pre-recorded
One Spotlight (in rural areas just use a Halogen light from a car)
Lightning for the stage (if possible)

Duration: approximately 75 - 90 Minutes


Death is certain at the fence


(Note: "Curtains up", stage is empty, lights on the fence, which forms
th background)

Announcer: (Note: invisible, just radiovoice)
HELLO, THIS IS RADIO BNN, today reporting
from Africa on a specific question - or rather
presenting this report in order to tell you:

To fence or not to fence is no longer the question!
Is it ?

Over to you, Nancy !

Moderator: (Note: invisible, just radiovoice)
Thank you, Claire, and hello to our listeners,

While in the past there were still some considerations
concerning fences, most recent developments seem
to show: Fencing is a must!

We just got word from our Africa correspondent that
a new game-fence stretching more than 100 km (insert
the actual length of your fence) is planned at (insert your

And it seems that "All applaud!".

We wondered, why almost everybody can be made happy
with a simple thing like a fence. It was not just invented
yesterday, was it? - So why now this sudden happiness?

We wanted to find out and therefore asked the question ...

(Note: Reporter storms on the stage with his oversized

What does a wildlife fence mean to you and for your
(Note: He addresses this question to the spectators)

Our reporter, Francis Ndugu, collected the
following voices up front.
Listen to some honest, exclusive statements concerning
fences along or around wildlife conservation areas from
people, who are supposed to know it all.
This is what they told us:

(Note: the first other character appears on the stage,
the reporter then always first introduces that person to
the spectators by a sentence like "Ah - our member of
Parliament", "Our xyz ... etc. Sometimes the reporter then
also repeats the key question to the person he just starts
to interview.)

Politician: Wildlife fences are a great tool in local politics to
demonstrate our commitment to all those people, who will
have to elect us again. A fence is an expensive pre-election
toy, especially if electrified in an otherwise still dark zone, but
it shows physically that you care for the well-being of your
people - and if you can find a foreign donor to pay for it, it's
just perfect. After the election the fence can provide
ready-to-steal steel wire for all, to fence off their own
fields against their neighbours and for many other needs. And
once the fence has too many holes it gives you the opportunity
to just repeat the whole exercise. Such a fence even most
recently rescued our whole party delegation during an election
campaign: We got stuck in the mud with all our Cruisers and
Rovers, but a long stretch of mesh wire from the nearby
game-fence laid through the ditches helped all our cars to
make it through and to lift us back to the safety of our plush

Internal Security Top-Shot: Especially the extended fencing
of whole sectors provides good improvement of national and
local security. The large wildlife fences are not only barriers
to solve the conflicts between humans and wildlife, but they
also help us against cattle rustling, to control the movement
of  local people and their goods as well as the clandestine
movements of that huge number of potential terrorists,
especially from neighbouring areas. As a conservation tool
they conceal perfectly our actual intentions and, while no
donor would finance our needs to fence off certain unruly
local communities, they willingly pay, if we just have our
Environment Minister to declare the fence is for the
benefit of nature conservation. We even can achieve
income generating opportunities for the army, if it can be
arranged to let the pioneers have some exercises while
erecting the heavier parts of the fence.

Environment Minister: You can't imagine how my Ministry
is inundated these days with all these environmental concerns.
There is only one thing you can do to keep all the people
and their different interests for which they bring their
studies and arguments apart: Fence'em off from each
other! Then anybody can decide on which side of the fence
they wanna be. It's like in domestic stock management: Keep
your different animals in different pens and you have fewer
problems. Our close group of recognized specialists in
Environmental Impact Assessment gives us the necessary
backing to shut up any of the protesters. It's finally best for

External Security Top-Shot: The whole concept of wildlife
conservation in terms of internal and external security is
surely the best way to install the defence you need in these
days of international terrorism. A counterpart of mine in a
neighbouring country actually achieved it big time when his
whole design to dissect a whole chunk of his country and
transform it into security sectors, was paid for by the
wildlife conservation industry. He also got nice equipment of
the modern spy-world like remote cameras, microphones in
the bush, night vision equipment and movement sensors.
Those old rich Mamas from the cold countries, who give their
dollars for wildlife protection never would give it for any of
our anti-terrorism needs. So you just let some selected
conservation organizations have a little playing field in the
bush too and they will help you to create your security zones
with their funding, just the way you want them.
These days you can even camouflage whole military exercises
together with your friendly allied armies by using conservation
issues, since if you send the tanks after "poachers" no
environmentalist will complain about the drenched muddy
tracks, broken trees, devastated grasslands and deep trenches
after you left the area. They actually enrich the micro-ecosystems
and you easily find one of those green guys to proof that with
a thesis for his Masters degree; just select the right guy from
the right family.

Wildlife Programme Manager (Foreign funded project):
Game fences are the only solution to end the millions of
complaints by local people, which disturb our other
programme activities in wildlife conservation daily. By placing
a fence between the local people and the wildlife area we
actually kill six birds with one stone: We keep the local
crooks out of our conservation area and we can no longer
be held responsible, if the game strays onto the fields of local
peasants. We can then easily demonstrate that we have clearly
done our bit to help the local farmer, don't need to bother
anymore and our wildlife can't come near the village, where it
is killed brutally anyway. We will not be blamed, no more
trouble, our project will be extended and my job is secured
also for the coming years.
Those little stinkers, who are against a fence, don't know
anything. We are the creative people here - we have the
knowledge and the vision. The rare complaint about the fence
from more serious people, who we don't yet have on our
payroll, can easily be diverted and we direct them to the
Wildlife Authority of the Government - after all we only
helped to finance the fence, but they authorised it and had
it built. So they have to deal with these trouble makers, who
anyway are mostly from small villages or NGOs with no
funding or major say in the country. The large NGOs back
us in any case, since our sponsors from the corporate world
are also their sponsors. I can't hear the word Human Rights
any longer. We spent the money, so we must have the rights.

Top Economist: For me wildlife fences represent one of
the finest examples for the golden rule of economics, which
reads: Everybody and everything has to pay for its right to
exist on this globe. Wildlife without fences would  be an
elementary contradiction of that rule and therefore must
not be allowed to exist anywhere. We congratulate the
Government on these wise decisions. Conflict resolution
by such clever measures also means smoother and better
business for all.

Wildlife Authority: Game fences are the way into the
future of wildlife management. Because as everybody
knows management costs money, even if it is only for
our salaries and cars.  Now, money has to be generated
and only if there are fences we can control where the
money is coming and going within such a vast, wild area.
It's not just the entrance fees, which we can collect at the
designated entry points, which now have to be used even
by these stoned young tourists, which usually sneaked
in and out of our parks and played hide an seek with
our rangers. We can also cash in with the road toll
from those who still want to cross the park on that old
track and save themselves the six hour detour round it,
because they can no longer just pass in and out as
they please. And even more important, we have now
control on all that traffic of people and goods, which we
never could streamline before. Today we can tap into
that potential and we have much better income generating
possibilities with the fence than ever before and on all
levels - you know what I mean.
What is more, a friend of mine who also works for the
wildlife department in another country just told me:
With our fences and the new wildlife-area-chip-cards
for anybody who comes into the area, we can not only
easily see who spends the night with whom at the
game-lodge, but most recently we even could establish
that a terrorist had been visiting our fenced game reserve.
With their new system in place this also will be no
problem in future: Before you can enter now your
chip-data gets checked against the global database. These
guys from the FBI really did help us a lot to get it going
and that is what I call modern wildlife management.
Without fence and smart-cards there is no way forward
to rule the wilderness and these crazy people.

Historian: The history of fencing in Africa and elsewhere
goes far back. Even the Neolithic relicts of ancient Egypt
already show fenced pens and harems and thereby prove
the long tradition in successful conflict resolution by using
fences. The imperial powers of all continents used fences
and walls to manifest their iron grip on the land and against
their enemies. The Great Wall in China is a perfect example,
which is why we call it as one of the great wonders of this
world. The British colonial powers once established the
Empire and could fly their flag almost everywhere, thanks
to fences, which also protected their enriching discoveries
in foreign lands from local odds and looters. Well, to draw
a fence might sound simple, but the fine art to erect a fence
was only for the most cultivated people of this world to
develop to that stage, which we find today. Africa must
learn again from its own past as well as from the modern
inventions in sophisticated fencing using high technology,
if we want to develop along First World nations and be
relevant in this new millennium. The fencing of our most
precious wildlife areas must be called a historic moment.

Sponsor tycoon: Well, its a well guarded secret, but for
your special audience of listeners: I make a hell of a gain
due to the tax-cut, which I achieve by claiming the huge
costs of the fence as tax-deductible donation to your poor
nation. Don't publicize this too much, because otherwise
everybody wants to get in on it and no area will be left for
our next years tax-fence. In addition it feels uplifting to do
something good with that money from hostile take-overs
and mergers. A fence is good, because it must be good,
since everybody is happy. Logic! At the same time my
shares in steel are just skyrocketing.

Tourism Manager: Game fences are the best thing which
can happen to a wildlife area. Especially during the wet
season, where the herds use to stray far and wide and it
is difficult to find them for your tourists, you just drive your
guests near the fence-line and bingo: There is your prey!
Just arrange with your local game warden that the tracks
are kept a little bit off the fence-line and no tourist will
realize that this is no longer "free" Africa. We can also neatly
hide the fact that we have to seal off many of our top class
lodges in these days from local people, by telling tourists
that we have to protect them from the wild beasts with
this wildlife protection fence. With a wildlife fence on the
outside of the park and an additional one around the
lodge we can even persuade very important people
that they can safely stay at our sites, which now have a
double perimeter like at Fort Knox, when there still was
gold. Fences are the best way to keep our tourists happy.

Police Chief: The biggest difficulty in our work is to
properly identify the real bad guys. Now, after having
a wildlife fence, any elephant outside the fence clearly
is a culprit like any local guy without a ticket inside.
Thereby we can immediately shoot and do not need to
ask questions, even afterwards. Outside the fence only
a dead elephant is a good elephant and inside the fence
every local fellow without permission is a poacher; and
you know - backed by the international community -
there is no mercy for a poacher. The fence makes our
difficult work much easier. And when we have to
surround a village to look for a thief, its much easier
now with the fence helping us to catch him. I especially
love these high-voltage fences; they are great and remind
me of my first training abroad in good old Germany,
where they actually had built the best fence all over the
world. Remember East/West and the Wall ? I have
never seen anything better.

Multilateral Donor: Splendid, finally a project, where
everybody is obviously happy to join with us in yet another
trial programme. Well, we know that there have been lots
of other trials in other countries and areas, but most didn't
proof anything and recently plenty of new ideas have come
up on how to construct such a fence. Let’s give them a
chance and let's engage in some local project. Just make
sure that financially it is large enough to help us to let some
of the money flow, which otherwise only blocks the turnover
in our coffers. We certainly will enjoy it when we come
to inspect your fence for which we lent you the money
and we will stay at that 5 star lodge for a couple of days.

European Union Representative: Instead of diversifying
in the face of reality, cattlemen seek to ward off threats like
the decline of beef consumption world wide or the collapse of
export markets due to BSE by entrenching their old system
and pushing even harder to commercialize beef. These are
the hard economic and therefore political realities, which we
have to recognize. With the European Union Beef Protocol,
signed with countries like Botswana, we had to help them
fulfil the standards. I guess, I can say that we from the EU
together with our member states, let's thereby not forget
the UK, are the single greatest donor, who has paid for
all these cattle and wildlife fences, the tsetse eradication
schemes etc. We know that this all didn't help, but without
it we never would have been able to secure all these other
lucrative natural resources contracts, which are signed by
ministers who are either themselves owners of large cattle
herds or have to be re-elected to parliament by their
cattle breeding people. You know how it is with these

Steel Industry: Without the increasing need for hundreds of
thousands of  tons of steel wire, meshwire, chainlink-fence,
barbed wire etc., which we produce for the military, the local
security and nowadays for the conservation business, we
certainly would miss a major part of our income. Our research
did provide us with engineering solutions, whereby we can
guarantee how long a fence-wire will last, but then - luckily,
metal wires still do rust and thereby guarantee us the
continuous business, while allowing us to plan on increasing
demand and on clearly timed additional replacement needs.

UN Representative: We in the United Nations Family have
seen since long the clear advantages of game fences. Under
the UN Resolution for the proliferation of weapons of
mass distraction we actually have to welcome any such
exercise. We urgently appeal to the international community
to  fulfil their pledges of 18 billion US Dollars to this budget
line in order to meet the financial challenges of this programme.
All UN Agencies are ready to benefit from it, foremost our
Environment Programme, whose present Executive Director
especially encourages the private sector to take a leading
role also here. He changed our motto, which was "For Life
on Earth" to "Environment for Development" - and fences
are development. Did I make myself clear ?

Wildlife Specialist Consultant: Well, as you know there
is no Bible-like answer to any of such questions. However,
and having said this, I am willing to conduct a major scientific
study on your specific location for the fence. Thereby you will
find many good arguments which you then can use to design
your way forward and construe your plans. You just find
me the money to conduct the study and don't you worry, I
will not shoot down your basic plan to erect the fence,
since I will want to continue these fine consultancies also at
other locations and be actually where I want to be: Near
wildlife and far away from people and the hassle of a city life.
Ohm Krüger got it right already in the old days: He not only
created the first National Park in Africa, but he also straight
away fenced it off. That proved to be very valuable for us
wildlife biologists indeed, because we have plenty of jobs
with the census and the culling operations inside such fenced
ecosystems. Without the fence these elephants e.g. in Krüger
National Park would be lost, because they just could stray
into Mozambique - imagine into that horrible communist
country where there is still civil war - or has it changed now?

Zoological Society: Please remember, we were founded by
the very people who still run the zoos in Europe and elsewhere.
We always have been pro-fence and steel-bars, because our
precious and rare exotic animals, which we breed in our zoos
and which form a substantial base of our business, need
protection. Anyway, in recent years there are more and more
of these stupid voices, which demand that our zoos should no
longer keep Bears or Tigers, Elephants or Lions in those well
equipped zoological facilities. These fellows even want us to
send those baby-elephants, which are difficult to obtain and are
such business, back into some African bush. These nutcases
really have the wrong picture. But now we will make sure that
such arguments will be nil and void. We will make sure that
there is no place left, which does not have a fence. Then let
these animal rights activists come and argue while we stay
cool and can show everybody that for the animals there
will be no difference in terms of fences anywhere, in Frankfurt
or New York and in Timbuktu or Mto wa Mbu. Actually,
the animals, which we still will have to import - because you
know shit happens and we need to fill up the zoos again -
will already be habituated to the fences. I say that's a big
advantage, since we will no longer be faced with fence
neuroses in animals from wild species, who derive from
unfenced habitats in dark Africa.

Bilateral Donor: As you know, His Excellency our
Ambassador is a great supporter of African Wildlife
Conservation, since he used to go hunting with his father
in many countries, when he was young. And he also really
has a soft spot for the needs of the poor local people. Having
said this, we can clearly state on behalf of our government
that we would be more than pleased to help your people
with fences. Just make sure that the press coverage is good
and that it will show how much we are assisting your nation
by sponsoring that fence.

Overseas Development Agency:  Since with NEPAD and
other new instruments in the development sector it becomes
clear that the real help for Africa lies in trade, we would like to
emphasize that fences along or around wildlife conservation
areas perfectly meet these new challenges and provide lots
of opportunities for us in our money oriented line of operation.
Fences are an all sector improvement tool with the added
advantage of enhanced international  trade in steel and steel
products, whereby we hope that the last trade barriers will
fall under the guidance of the WTO. We fully support Africa
in its needs to get fenced and will ensure that also our
tax-payers at home see this as the right thing to do in and
for developing nations.

NGO Resident Representative: Wildlife fences are a
really superb opportunity to do your fund raising. With
kickbacks from the fence industry you can even get TV
coverage. You can place many fund raising events, like
running competitions or Moto-Cross races along the
fence-line and really have value added fun. Since no
donor is willing to pay for any long-term programme
seeking more sensible interactive solutions, just go for
the fence, if you want to keep your NGO floating. Our
“share-the-fence” project provides incentives in
micro-financing schemes for those far out rural
communities, which until today have not been reached
by other monetization programmes or credit schemes.

PR Company: Gosh, fences are the one thing our creative
director loves most: Lots of money in the budget to play
and experiment with. Not much work, but overwhelming
achievements. And if everybody is happy already, what a
killing, once we all join in that party. Happy, happy happiness.
And don't forget fences must have gates, where people have to
pass. These are the hotspots for our billboards and outdoor
advertising. At National Park gates especially those mobile
phone companies can show their competitiveness and ability
to reach the last black hole areas in communication.

Back to the studio -

So far the big players in that country, but our reporter also
could capture some more local voices. Francis, let us hear
what the people in the field have to say.

Yes, out here we have many people and they all have
something to say, so let's start with the Commissioner.

Local Authority: Large wildlife fences are a very good
object for development activities. There will have to be
plenty of local consultations, workshops etc. for which
organizations compete to pay. It's easy at any time to find
an argument pro, if the tide is going against and anti, if the
majority is for the fence; and so we can keep the people
busy and the workshops and meetings going, which you
can then use to do your other business. And since at the
end of the day the fence will be built anyway, you'll find
nice opportunities to get some pleasant gifts from those,
who built it and those who want the local jobs, while
erecting it. It's a win-win situation in every respect.

Fence Company: Well, yes, we are certainly able to fence off
wildlife from people - and vice versa - and we create lots of
local jobs during the exercise and earn a substantial amount
of foreign exchange, since mostly a foreign donor pays for the
fence. Since our company obviously produced the best
fence designs, in such a way that their maintenance always
requires our teams, we can plan on the repair jobs too and
thereby keep our business going and our buddies from the
supply branches happy. In local terms this means also long-term
job creation in otherwise underprivileged areas. In addition
our teams actually really enjoy the work in the wildlands,
where they otherwise never would or could pitch their camps.
We have lots of good local contacts through the casual labour
force, feasts and even weddings between people, who
otherwise would never have met.

Local Game Warden: Surely a fence is great, because I can
stay in my bed and will no longer be called in the middle of the
night to look after raiding elephants. And if the fence is broken
down by elephants and the villagers, who are tasked to care
for its maintenance but do nothing, well they can't blame me
any longer. I just call in the fencing company to help and they
will find their finance at the end to patch the fence again. And
just between us, those guys who still take the bush-meat and
the firewood out of my area big-time, well … ehm, anyway,
I am better off  today, since they've got to pass my place.
The fence is making my live much easier. And you know
what? I can keep myself and my girlfriend now really happy,
because I can grow that little plant with the feathery leaves
which you often see on Bob Marley posters secretly in a
hidden corner of my fence, because none of the stupid goat
boys will ever again accidentally find it and steal all of it in
one go - only for me to find the whole village having a
good time.

Local Poacher: Game fences are great, because they
actually help us to trap the many different species we are
after and provide us with enough wire for our snares. Often
we don't need to do anything than to just patrol the fence-line
and be the first to find the giraffe or the ostrich hanging. My
other friends have cars which they can drive now even to
the other side of the reserve to where there was never before
any road. Now they just follow the track along the fence to
these remote sites and get what they want easily.
For us, who mostly still are on foot or with bicycles it is
a great play with fence-hopping. Have a look on these
stupid game-rangers on the other side of the fence, who
can't follow us with their fat bellies and four-wheel drives,
while we escape without paying them their share. Now they
are hiring the jobless marathon runners and throwing them
after us over the fence, but these fellows quickly become our
friends if they outrun us. Since they are not armed - what else
can they do? Actually, with the fence these wildlife guys keep
the game also much better together for us. No more long
trekking during rainy season.

Game Meat and Charcoal Trader: Ok, now we have to
pay the rangers something small, if our loads are so big that
we need the roads to transport them. But on the other hand
the fence hinders other competitors to come in from far
away. You have to establish some local friendship today
after the fence has been erected, but it is also good,
because the rangers advise you where to go and none of
the nasty local guys from the village, who still think it's all
theirs, or the conservationists, who also believe it would be
theirs too, disturb us. That’s fair trade and while not
everybody is able to maintain such nice friendships we can
sell our goods for a much better price and faster, since the
demand outside the fence is increasing.

Safari Tourist: I just come from the coast, where I spent
most of my holiday. The sun, the sand and the friendly local
people - you know what I mean - were again superbly
relaxing. I quickly have to get a few shots so as to show my
family at home the real reason for my going off to Africa
without them. Obviously, it's much too exhausting and
dangerous for my wife and the kids to accompany me, as they
will see from my slides of elephants blocking our way, the lions
crunching on that zebra and the video tape from the van on
dusty and horrible roads. But I don't have too much time to
get those pictures of lions, buffaloes and elephants. This is
why I prefer to come here into the fenced sanctuary. No day
long search under the scorching sun through grey bush like in
the open areas of the National Parks. With the fence you get
what you want quickly so as to go back to where you get
what you need, you know? Here I'll have my backup for
home quiet easily, so I can enjoy a few more nights at the

Hunting Company Manager: We pay a hell of money for
these hunting concessions, but without fence there's no way
we can manage and profit any longer. For good hunting you
need a certain size of a wildlife population, where the
animals can grow old enough to become valued trophies
and where you can have several old ones to make your
venture profitable, viable and well known in terms of
your client's success. And if your area is large enough
none of these sporthunters complains about the fence.
It's anyway only for the rich and they don't have the
time any longer like in the old days of Teddy Roosevelt.
Stop this talk about canned hunting. This world is not
any longer a wilderness anywhere. We have to manage,
and we have to keep out the people who steal our
business assets, which is the game. Well, we wouldn't
go so far as some of our colleagues down south, who
threw one of the local blokes over the fence to the lions,
but there must be some deterrent. In the old days we
could just give the poachers a good beating and then
they became straight again and we even could employ
them as our trackers or gun-bearers. Today we have
to arrest them, deliver them to the police and then we
see them two days later again on the road, or if they
actually went to prison they only learn some more stuff,
and next thing they attack our lodge.

Veterinarian: It is well established fact that wildlife can
transmit diseases to domestic livestock. So keep these
sick game species from having contact with the livestock
by fencing them apart. In the same context we can no longer
permit larger wildlife migrations to happen, since we would
be in no control of the diseased game. A fence also gives
plenty of work on both sides. There will be need for us
now on the wildlife side too, e.g. to treat antelopes with
bent necks, who stupidly ran into the fence or to immobilize
and treat elephants and other large species injured by the
fence-lines in other ways. Moreover snares from the
fence-wire will provide additional job opportunities to rescue
zebras, giraffes and even lions, which is exciting and gives
yourself a big boost in your self-esteem, which has been
hampered ever since we have had to make our money with
artificial insemination of stupid cows. Don't worry -
there will be still plenty of work on this side of the fence
for us too, since most disease vectors are not stopped by the
fence anyway - but don't tell this to the local guys. In addition
our work together with the livestock authority becomes much
easier, since we can work hand in hand by driving all the
livestock against that fence and then have them dipped and
counted and taxed properly.

Livestock Expert and Rangeland Manager: Finally we
also got a proper fence over here. So no more free roaming
of cattle and goats, which only created chaos. Because the
villagers realize today that they live in a restricted area
with respect to the available grazing, I am a much sought
after person now, because it is only through me that they get
these nice church sponsored programmes for improved milk
cows and zero-grazing. They also are now willing to form a
group ranch and will fence that too as symbol of modern
livestock management. Why should I tell them otherwise -
do you want me to loose my job? I have a wife and kids
and school-fees to pay. If diseases hit the cattle, there is no
problem, since the rich NGOs will battle each other to
finance the re-stocking.

Clean-up-the-Earth-Activist: Such long fence-lines are best
practice to clean up the environment, since they actually help
you to trap all those plastic bags which otherwise would just
fly away. Organize your local school to do a fence-walk and
collect all the trapped plastic bags. That's practical help for
the earth and also for the antelopes behind the fence, whose
intestines otherwise might be strangled by gutted plastic bags.
So you don't need to fight against plastic bags as such any
longer or help local stores, who use paper-bags. Make peace
with your local supermarket and promote them, which will
increase your cleanup results along the fence and show how
active you are. This in turn will be an advantage in your CV,
give you an environmental award by UNEP and most likely
secure you that well paid job as environmental consultant
with the oil- or steel-based industry. Plastic and steel go
very well together in modern environmental management.

Foreign Trophy Hunter: You know, these days we have to
always find good arguments to enjoy shooting an elephant or
other big game. Game fences give you a good opportunity to
proof that you as sport-hunter have a legitimate role to play,
because you will be called in to kill that rogue elephant bull,
who always snips those electric wires, pulls the poles or
tramples down the fence. Thereby even the weirdest animal
rights chap will no longer be able to say anything against your
elephant hunt. It's anyway better to kill that crazy elephant or
dangerous buffalo humanely with your .450 Magnum than to
have the villagers finish it with their crude weapons. Well,
you still pay for the kill, because it is a privilege, but where
else can you still bang an elephant, proof your manhood
and feel so good, because you also help people? Its just
like in the old days when you as white hunter were
celebrated in the village for having killed that bad elephant.
The villagers still get the meat and are feasting. That elephant
must have been mad anyway to destroy such a good fence.
And also some good hints for my friends in the Big Game
Hunting Club back home: You get now one of the many
buffaloes, which are always entangled in these fences, for
free, if you book your Ele-Fence-Hunt through the local
chapter of your club.

Community Worker: Look, the local community is really
poor and it is heartbreaking to see their crops destroyed by
marauding elephants, who are kept anyway only for the
tourist business, from which the small farmer doesn't profit
at all. The government hasn't allowed the people to live
off nature for a long time, because everybody one way or
another has to be part of the whole economy, which is set
to be based on consumerism - and this is a national goal for
all of us now. Therefore the people can't be allowed to
have access to the benefits of their natural surroundings
anyway and will at least not loose their little crop, if there
is a fence. Thereby a game fence shows its important
socio-economic value especially for the poor within a
developing nation.

School teacher: Finally we too got us a wildlife fence.
So we can now really embark on the new curriculum
in biology, like in Britain, which explains Dik-Diks and
Elephants so nicely from the perspective of a zoo-visitor.
And the kids are proud to be in such a modern school,
while in the old days we would have just called the teacher
bananas, if he believed the kids had never seen those
wild species. The fence also helps to avoid such conflicts.
It was also good that we had all these environmental
awareness campaigns prior to the building of the fence,
because it really helped us to get more funding for our
school in general. And I am proud to say that I was part
of the local committee, which finally succeeded in persuading
those stubborn elders, which still believed in the old way.
Since we still have not enough money and transport to
take our pupils into the National Park, we really enjoy the
fence-walks, were we safely can see many species which
can no longer come out. Earth-day we spend collecting the
rubbish from the fence and thereby teach our students the
real values.

Agricultural Extentionist: Even though a fence against wildlife
will not provide us any longer with the nice excuse that the crop
was damaged by elephants, while actually the crop failed, I
really do not want to spend the rest of my life assessing
loss of harvest due to wildlife. While in the beginning I thought
I could cash in on both sides with these crop damage
assessments, I had to realize that neither side pays enough. So
better have a fence and I concentrate on promoting genetically
modified crops to the farmers - that pays much better and is fun,
since the multinational corporations of the agricultural sector
at least really care for you.

Local Housewife: Its great to live near the game-fence,
because your kids and dogs can not stray anymore onto that
side of the village and hide where there is still thick bush.
Since the other side of the village is already bare of any
vegetation I've them all now clearly in my view and can
concentrate on my work from home for a local handicraft
company, which pays me enough to even afford the
Kerosene with which we are cooking nowadays. Well,
we are coughing much more than in the old days and don't
look so healthy, because of the Kerosene smog everywhere
and the constant wind in our village, which stirs up the dust,
but at least we do not need to be afraid any longer of the
elephants and lions from the park. And since the fence is
there my cow also is no longer scared and gives more milk
for my children.

Pastor: As you know, in these days, where the devil is
everywhere, you have to keep your human flock together.
While in the old days the village-men were gone for days to
provide for their families, were independent and had their
own bonding among themselves, today and since we have
the new situation with the fence along our village, we all are
happy and together in our community and the fence protects
us not only from the evil of the wild but also lets us congregate
more often in prayers. The many fleshy sins committed in the
bush are a thing of the past. The fence is a sign of heaven with
its millions of glittering little crosses shining from the barbed
and  mesh-wire. God bless the fence. We even have a yearly
procession now along the fence to thank the Almighty and the
almighty sponsor for it.

Local Chief: As a chief I have to say that the game fence
is the best we did in all these years. Actually we didn't have
to do anything - we got it all for free. The few of us who
were opposed and opted out of the process could be
brought back with some generous donations by the investor.
And these even helped me directly to be on good terms
with the district. At the end of the day we all sit in the
same boat and need to stay afloat. A fence is actually
a peace tool, because since we have now fenced nearly
everything we could think of, there is no more fight e.g.
between the farmers and the pastoralists of our
community. Most young people have left the area anyway,
because it could not sustain their hankering for the
modern lifestyle, which we can see on TV even over
here now thanks to the many solar panels our people
could get from the wildlife fence site. The fences
even work as excellent booster antennas and you can
get all the programmes, which keep even the morons
from straying around and doing stupid things.

Voice of the Announcer:
<cut> one voice we actually can not broadcast, since
that statement by a young, attractive lady was not free
of certain suggestions and could have offended our too
young or too old listeners or the archbishop; but make
no mistake: She also was pro-fence, while walking
along one and looking for her prey.
(Note: You can actually let your local beauty queen walk by
with a provocative swing of her hips while the announcer
speaks - your spectators will just love it).

Moderator: There you got it first hand and as we said:
Almost everybody is happy, because everybody has his
or her little or big advantage out of a fence!

We only found three individuals, who said something against
fences. The first was an elder of one of the villages, who
wanted to say that they had not received the compensation
money, but he was quickly whisked away by the security detail,
which accompanied our reporting, and we heard later that he
got a good thrashing by the chief's whip for having tried to say
something against the fence.
The other fellow was apparently from a nearly extinct tribe of
hunter-gatherers, who - while looking at one of the
new fences - made only one remark, which we believe to
have heard somewhere before. He said only:

Indigenous Hunter (shakes his head and calls out:)
"The gods must be crazy!"

... and he swiftly disappeared on the wild side of  the fence,
while we wanted to ask him what that actually was all about.
Anyway, he might have misunderstood us or the pastor –
you never are sure with these backward people without
formal education.

(Note:  An actor dresssed as indigenous hunter
suddenly appears on the stage looking bewildered first
at the crowd and then at the fence, which forms
- overtowering everybody - just the background of the
stage. The hunter then disappears after his call behind
the crowd)

And an apparently not very welcoming ecologist stated only
this one sentence:

"Fences are the physical manifestation of missing intellect
in man!"

... and then he mumbled something about "Taker Societies",
“Looting Frenzy” and the end of the living world, which was
more a whisper to himself and we couldn't tape it.

(Note: the reporter suddenly storms towards a man with a
beard who had come unnoticed onto the stage at the right
side of the crowd and who after that statement also
disappears in the crowd like the hunter, while the crowd
starts discussing this last two statements with gestures and
unintelligable words)

Moderator: (Note: shouting over the sound level of the crowd)
Well, we didn't quiet clearly understand what these last
two people actually wanted to say, but who cares
about such people, if everybody else is so happy !

(Note: The crowd cheers and out of that general cheering two
groups become dominant:)

Local cheer- and churchwomen-chorus

(Note: Chuchwomen: We praise the fence - Hallelujah ! and
Cheerladies: cheering, repeatedly ululuing and drums. More and
more into a kakophonie - appruptly ending like a tape is cut.)

Moderator (with calling voice):
So - who is in with the next fence ?

Fanfare music - sound track

Moderator (persuasive):
Call 0800-666 and book your shares for the next fencing
project - they go for only 49.90 US$ per meter - and maybe
you also will win in the lucky draw of our new society game:
Fence off the Past ! – Fence your Future !

Thanks go to the generous sponsor: Fool’nFence Unlimited.

Participate and win a fence for your community ! For a better
Today and a better Tomorrow, where everybody is happy!

Local school chorus: (original sound track)
(background music from "We are the Champions!")

Moderator: Remember: Fences will set you free! -
if you do feel otherwise and these symptoms of wisdom persist:
Seek medical help !

… and only for those, who want and are able to join us on
what's coming up next  - NOT necessarily suitable for people
above the age of 16 or  below 55 and surely a NoNo for
those many of our listeners with an IQ of less than 100 -
here an excerpt from the book *) that the ecologist gave us
on our way out:

(Note: Crowd sits down, lights only on the two actors, who
appear on the stage from the opposite sides and meet in the

Two male speakers:
(Note: Best played by one "wise wo/man" character and
a bright young girl)

“You see now that the Takers and the Leavers
accumulate two entirely different kinds of knowledge.”

 “Yes, the Takers accumulate knowledge about what works
well for things. The leavers accumulate knowledge about
what works well for people.”

 “But not for all people. Each Leaver people has a
system that works well for them because it evolved
among them; it was suited to the terrain in which they
lived, suited to the climate in which they lived, suited
to the biological community in which they lived, suited
to their own peculiar tastes, preferences, and visions
of the world.”


 “And this kind of knowledge is called what ?”

 “I don't know what you mean.”

 “Someone who knows what works well for people
has what ?”

 “Well … wisdom?”

 “Of course. Now, you know that the knowledge of
what works well for production is what's valued in
your culture. In the same way, the knowledge of what
works well for people is what's valued in Leaver
cultures. And every time the Takers stamp out a
Leaver culture, a wisdom ultimately tested since the
birth of mankind disappears from the world beyond
recall, just as every time they stamp out a species of
life, a life form ultimately tested since the birth of life
disappears from the world beyond recall.”

 “Ugly”, I said.

 “Yes” he said. “It's ugly.”

(Note:) Lights off
- humming sound / 25-31 Hz - barely audible,
   just like an elephant rumble.

(Note: Spot on Moderator, who appears for the first time
on stage)

Moderator final:
... and next week:
Free world - you shall die ! – or is there anybody
somewhere who thinks different and opposes ?


Announcer (appears also): If you enjoyed or got annoyed,
stay close to our programme, don't go away - we are right back !

(Note: Lights off, "Cutains down", one minute pause, then
"broadcast" a good play of drums)


*)  Daniel Quinn: ISHMAEL - An adventure of the Mind and Spirit
     ISBN 0-553-37540-7


"Forget about Mousebirds - Security comes First !"

(Original picture from the perimeter fence at UNEP/ Nairobi 
– fully copyright protected by the author – no permission to 
copy for other than theaterposter use will be granted.) 

You can use this picture for your theatre posters! 
A Mousebird, who actually was supposed to be interviewed for 
for this programme too, but had given up and clinched dead on 
the fences of the United Nations Environment Programme 
(UNEP) high-security complex. 

(They are are turning it in the moment into a fence-line like at 
the former inner-german border. Did you want to leave that 
as your legacy - Mr. UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer ?)


Final notes:

Local theater- or playgroups are encouraged to use the core
text for their community theatre. Present it in your vernacular
language and feel free to enhance it according to your needs.
(Send us your actual scripts and additions! We love to see
them and certainly you will have added something we forgot.
If its good we will include it. send it to: )

You might want to even sharpen it by using some actual
names of localities or people and perform it in front of all
those dignitaries who soon will arrive in your area too for
the preparation of your fence! Let the different players
come one by one onto the stage, just like people in the street
pass by and suddenly find themselves in front of the
microphone of the reporter, but then they stay and form a
crowd behind the interviewer and also can comment on the
different statements with boos and ahhs and ohhhs, which
will encourage the spectators to do likewise. All join at
the end with the choruses of the ladies and the pupils!



Segregation of Nature



P.S.: There are good people out there, who are called Politicians or Game Wardens, Rangers or Scientists, Housewives or Investors or people in any other field of the above cited characters, who surely would never say or think or do what these people represent here. But check them out - and if you find that any of them is for large fences then most likely you will hear also the other characteristic statements, if they are open and honest.




"Fence" 3:37 min. (2.5 MB)

Blackfire live in Germany - 2002 tour

"Fence" was initially released in 1994 and this song is about the need for unity between people.

by Blackfire

A fence divides a people
A people divide themselves
Trying not to lose hope
When you've lost everything else
A fence divides a people
Changing a way of life
I can't understand
I can't seem to justify

[ Chorus: ]
Why someone would build a fence
Tell me to choose a side
Take away my freedom
And expect me not to fight

Trying to stop what you
haven't started
You're sleeping for
someone else's dream
Trying to find the truth
It gets too hard to believe

A house cannot stand
When it's people are on their knees
It' no way to live
It's no way to be free

[ Chorus ]

Don't walk away
It's just another way
To keep us fighting
amongst ourselves
The only thing holding up a wall
Are the people who
don't tear it down

[ Chorus ]

They're fencing in the horizons
We'll still be here tomorrow
But when you've lost your dreams
Your freedom will follow
A fence divides a people
A people divide themselves
The only thing holding up a wall
Are the people who
don't tear it down

[ Chorus ]

Don't walk away
Tomorrow is another day

[ Lyrics found at ]