N.B.: Please know before you watch these pictures that they reflect the 100% truth in some of the areas in Kenya, where horrible situations evolved after the havoc created by unwise politicians and their easily influenced entourage over a longer time than just this post-election period, but that the combined picture of all these quiet expressive and explicit photos or videos (rating: over 18 years), does not reflect the general situation in the whole of Kenya. It is luckily still so that around 80 % of the country is not, repeat NOT, seriously affected by the disaster and destruction you see in these pictures. Most areas in Kenya are still intact and extremely beautiful, though the minds and the daily life of all Kenyans are seriously affected by what happened. Thereby these pictures also should serve as a warning not to let any further expansion of the mayhem and destruction happen. Everyone can and must be part of making that difference!


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Facts of the post-election violence

Short chronology of the crisis

Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
Documentation of the developments


YouTube - Videos:

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Security forces crack down on Kenya protests - 18 Jan 08

Kenya opposition protests - 17 Jan 08

Kenya in Tears



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